Monday, April 25, 2016

Life's Getting Ahead Exercises

PAD Challenge Day 25; For today’s prompt, write an exercise poem.

One Step Forward,
Two steps back
Slip-trip, sprawl-fall
Try again, Jack

One day up, love
…next day down
Life, a mess of
Smile and frown

Work, work, work
And bills, bills, bills
Climb time’s line of
Hills, hills, hills

Kneel and pray
Then stand up tall
Life is a
Day-by-day call

Love, love, love
And give, give, give
These will measure
How we live

Will almost break
Our will with
Take, take, take

© Janet Martin

Whenever you hear this; 'paid by the government of Ontario',
I reminded a student in our household, 'what they should actually be saying is, 'paid by the people of Ontario'.
Nothing is free.
This poem is an offspring of frustration over ever rising costs of living, hidden 'fees' and astronomical taxes which we seem to see less and less fruit of...
but this poem is also balanced with humble awareness of all we have to be thankful for:)


  1. Governments are the same everywhere.. I watched an old interview with my favorite Leonard Cohen where he mentions his friend, head of a Negro movement, Cohen says (cannot say this word now!), who wants to govern a small country. When Leonard asked him what the purpose of his government would be, he said it would be to protect people from the government.

    Lovely poem and pictures, Janet :)

    1. Government has truly shattered the faith of the people, but more because it pulled away on what(WHO) our countries were founded on!!so it comes back to the government being broken because people are broken. Unless the people in power return to their knees hope hope for better days is vain.


      p.s. i always keep my camera handy when such cuteness is sure to invite many darling pics:)'Look, Janet' they called' and click, click caught the balance and the tumble:)

    2. I do hope there will be a turn.

      The pictures are wonderful. What is it the little guy wouldn't let go of? An orange ball? :)

    3. yes, an orange ball we found in the flower-garden so that made it extra-special like found treasure! Remember those days when playing in the sandbox would hold the hope of finding buried treasure aka. last years toys;-) far as hope for our governments goes, I guess it behooves us to pray diligently for them doesn't it?!!

      'Prayer changes things'


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