Friday, April 1, 2016

From Her to Him


One more light-hearted fool poem for PAD Challenge day 1

Come here funny-face, I love you
Whether three or eighty-five
There is something that God gave you
That makes me feel more alive

Can't live with you or without you
Chase you out then miss you, oh
There is something sweet about you
That just makes me love you so

You know how to push my buttons
I admit; I'm glad you do
I am not one of those women
That prefers vanilla-you

Sometimes I vow not to like you
For you drive me 'round the bend
But darling, I'm a fool for you
It is no use to pretend

Come here, funny-face, I love you
What a lot of laughs we've had
I would rather be fool-happy
Than high-stepping-smart, but sad

© Janet Martin

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