Monday, April 11, 2016

Dream and Dreamer-defenders

 PAD Challenge day 11: For today’s prompt, write a defensive poem.

Like traffic on a freeway full of dreams
The stream of Monday-morn commuters pour
To keep the growling wolf outside our door
Is quite a full time chore, or so it seems

Like merchants of mind math-games, hands and feet
Adhere to expectation and demand
The taskmaster of moments takes command
On sand where choice and consequence compete

Like dream-mates in the sport of live-love-learn
Of off-to-work before dark dims the day
Where wins and losses strew the age-old way
Of almost-yesterday, we take our turn

Like They did before us, we too commit
To maintain time’s affair of hold-let-go
Like blue-collar prize-fighters, oh, we know
That if we want to win we cannot quit

© Janet Martin 

What are you going to do
to defend The Dream today?
where even now the what-why-how
of it dwindles away! 

Plan a picnic,
 Plant a garden
 Paint a picture,
 Pray for trust

 As we learn
What really matters...
...the soul is not dust-to-dust

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