Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Isn't it a gift?...to be able to devour the wonder of seasons set before us!

"Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Job 38:4

The land is a smorgasbord for the eye
A grand table spread out beneath the sky
How blue its dusk-hued shadows seep
How gold the folds of summer sweep
How still the rill and woodland sleep
Beneath white deep of winter’s lullaby

The hand of heaven prepares a fine feast
For hungry stares to gorge like starving beast
Yet we can never eat our fill
Of amber and plum misted hill
Where dawn’s decanters of air spill
In pale la crème and persimmon frothed east

The moon and stars splash silver to night’s girth
Like jewels on black-velvet bedded berth
How green the spring of morning sings
From founts imbued with flower-things
Each bud a rainbow-bell that rings
Then flings its pretty petals back to earth

The eye is like a mouth; it feeds on red
Of rose, on nature’s boundless color-spread
As dark and light of day and night
Snuff seasons with time’s appetite
Yet cannot strip awe from our sight
As God delights our gaze with daily bread

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful photos, Janet. Did you take them? I think my favorite is the last one. I haven't been outside much this winter, which is odd because it is milder than usual this year. I miss the chilling beauty of the cold.

    1. I did take these photos but I have a confession. The bottom one was last winter:) I was wandering through last winter's photos because this winter is the top photo taken a few days ago. For these parts the landscape this winter is surreal for February! and I miss the 'real winter' snow-scapes! So glad for photos!


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