Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Slippery Stars...

The staccato tap of ice-rain since 8:00 this morning, writes sentimental songs...

Like a bow drawn, soft on heartstrings
The music of life is wrought
Pray the mist that wreaths its parting
Frames more than fanciful thought

Like a gourd out-poured in echoes
Time is an ephem’ral tryst
Farewells synchronized with hellos
Veiled in velvet amethyst

Like a mother waving, waiting
At the window as night falls
Pinning where daylight is fading
One more picture to love’s walls

Like a tempest in slow motion
Morn-noon-night drains heaven-jars
Filling the heart with an ocean
And the eye with slippery stars

© Janet Martin


  1. Each stanza is a poem on its own. So beautiful, Janet.

    P.S. Off topic: I think I by accident might have deleted your comment on my post, sorry about that :)

    1. thank-you Sasha,and no worries! I've done that too, hit 'delete' instead of publish!!
      on that note, I wish blogger comments had a like button to reply to replies or even instead of comments sometimes.
      hope you day is fantastic. It's still freezing rain so I'm using my change in plans today to do a little extra writing;-)


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