Friday, February 5, 2016


Quiet sleeps the valley
Cloud-storm skims yon hills
 Dark defines the shadow
Bright, light of day spills

Laughter sparkles upward
Down the mute tear falls
Overhead blue heavens
Beneath, brown grave-walls

Toil, gift born from God’s curse
Play, an aimless loll
Around us, life witnessed
Within, unseen Soul

Life so full of breathing
Death, last breath unfurled 
Hope, a brimming chalice
Fear, a stricken world

Love, like a lark singing
Loneliness, a cloud
Yesterday, a memory
Tomorrow, a shroud

© Janet Martin

It takes one to realize the other...


  1. Such a beautiful, golden skies ... and a great mood in the poem... Especially the last 4 lines truly makes me feel nostalgic.
    Happy weekend to you, Janet!

    1. this poem began while I was out for a run this morning...the last two lines of the first stanza as I snapped this photo and then it grew from there...yes, it was the beautiful sky that drew me out to enjoy it before the busy day began!

      Blessings to you, Nina~

    2. I took another look at this poem and switched the lines up in the first stanza so the first lines were the first lines after all:)


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