Thursday, February 25, 2016

For We of Common Wealth

Words seem too commonplace for this strange wonderland unfurled
As we revel in the grandeur of a glass-beveled world

This ice-encapsulated promenade of that and this
Astonishes frond, fence and wooden flowers with its kiss

We are no queens or Lady’s maids, still we can’t help but grin
At the extravagance of this glass palace we are in

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh dear, you certainly had a lot of freezing rain there! I think more than we did yesterday. It's pouring and windy here today and we even had thunderstorms this morning. Take care.
    Blessings, Pam

    1. It has certainly been a roller-coaster. Tues. sunny and mild to this. Today we have a high wind as well with snow.
      There's a German quote that says if it thunders in a barren world we can expect six more weeks of cold. Let's hope that does not hold out in your case!

      Wishing you well as well:)


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