Thursday, January 7, 2016

Love, Live it and Just Give It All You've Got

Tip-toe, tumble
Dance or stumble
Walk, run, fly
Or stand stock-still
Love it, hate it,
Praise, berate it
Tickle it
If you so will

Dream it, do it,
March on through it
Like a soldier
On his drills
Tease it, squeeze it
Pray it, please it
Where its free-fall
Thrills and spills

Jump it, chase it
Or embrace it
Swift, the gift
Of it soon sets
Laugh it, weep it, 
None can keep it 
What this leap
Of life begets

Good or bad,
Happy or sad
Nothing stays
The same for long
Bend it, shake it
You won’t break it
Wake its wonder
Sing its song

Touch it, taste it
But don’t waste it
Drink its wink
Of sun or rain
Kick it, kiss it
But don’t miss it
For this day
Won’t pass again

© Janet Martin


  1. Love how the rhythm builds and propels to the third stanza's truth that " None can keep it / What this leap / Of life begets".
    And the priceless picture illustrates perfectly!

    1. :) thank-you...that middle stanza was the last one written.I was ready to post and something, a bridge seemed missing. Now I'm thinking it would have worked to dismiss the last two stanzas...

      The pic is Victoria taking a flying leap into autumn's epitome...leaves.


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