Monday, January 11, 2016

Home on a Snow-day

Home on a snow-day is sock-feet and slippers
Stoking the fire and cloaking the air
With lyrics of laughter and hearth-side chatter
Clink of a spoon as it stirs steaming fare

Home on a snow-day is heaven-spun gladness
Hustle and bustle subsides for a while
Reveling in the reprieve from agendas
Home sports a warm, fuzzy, slow-me-down smile

Home on a snow-day is fair, feather-weather
A serenade of snowflake-colored stars
To a warm-sweater, hot soup, get-together
Read-a-book, dream-a-dream, strip cookie-jars

Snow-days spawn cheer akin to Christmas morning
Sweeter because nature flings its surprise
Over the world while we were soundly sleeping
Blanketing earth’s bird-watching paradise

Home on a snow-day is like a vacation
A dedication to simplicity
Home on a snow-day; winter’s invitation
To make the best of its soon-memory

© Janet Martin

It was a good snow day:)

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