Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After A Few More Lifetimes

After a few more life-times
Perhaps then I will succeed
At turning all the pages of
Each book I want to read

After a few more life-times
The stack beside by bed
On end-tables and in my mind
Will be tagged, 'books I’ve read'

After a few more lifetimes
Maybe then I’ll beg and plead
That after living for so long
I’ve nothing left to read

But, after a few more lifetimes
I will see I read in vain
Because then I will want for time
To read favorites again

© Janet Martin

For those of us who love to read and write  the word 'bored' is not part of our vocabulary!


  1. Replies
    1. :) ...and my trouble is i mostly read at night and fall asleep somewhere after a few pages!!! so a book can take a good while to read. The other day when everyone was home from school due to storm I read in the afternoon and what a treat to read while wide awake!

  2. I could have written this poem! I just joined Audible - and am listening to a few books I have on my shelves. This way I can knit, do dishes, laundry, work out and still "read"!!

    1. Now, that's the kind of multi-tasking I like;-)

  3. When I was younger I could stay up all night reading. Not anymore. But I have more time to read now, which is a fair exchange, I think. And I am using that time to re-read many of my favorites--cute, the way you phrased that in your poem.

    What are some of your favorites?

    1. Oh, it is hard to list favorites but a few I just re-read are Little Women, Little Men, The Emily Series,I love old classics! I told the girls at our local library I will be absent for a while because I have a stack of books I picked up here and there that I would like to read this winter.


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