Monday, December 7, 2015

Where Sorrow's Climax Weeps

Lo, breath of time exhales
Regales the steadfast sky
The climax of man’s sorrow wails
And there is no reply

Life’s sundry grief and pain
That earth can never heal
Bids us take up love’s yoke again
Where eon’s belfries peal

Mercy imbues and woos
The dark from midnight’s clutch
Unveiling common avenues
Where dues demand our touch

The hope of God abides
His gift of Once-for-all
Anoints with grace not faceless tides
But with intimate call

For oh, He came to save
Us, not from trouble, no
But from the curse of sin, death’s grave
The fruit of Eden’s woe

Lo, breath of time exhales
Regales time’s ebbing deeps
The Savior of mankind prevails
Where Sorrow’s Climax weeps

© Janet Martin

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