Thursday, December 10, 2015

Waiting To Be

Close your eyes, love
Oh my love, do you feel it?
Wafting silk-soft, an intangible weight
Waiting to be…
Close your eyes, can you see it?
Leaning bold, eager behind a barred gate

Close your eyes, love
Oh my love, do you taste it?
Steeping the silence with ravenous sigh
Teasing the air
Close your eyes, do you smell it?
Musky like autumn, dusty like July

Close your eyes, love,
Oh my love, can you reach it?
Gossamer spiral, phantom filigree
Tossed to Time’s tress,
Close your eyes, can you touch it?
Life in a poem still waiting to be

© Janet Martin

Sometimes, after writing a poem I close my eyes and let stillness run through my senses;
taste, that it, or is there another poem waiting to be?

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