Monday, November 2, 2015

November Nocturne

Dusk lowers bluer bars
Prelude to moon and stars
Poured from heaven-held jars
As skylines disappear
The matriarch of fall
Gathers beneath Her shawl
Gentle and gradual
The filament of years

The scraggly apple tree
The weeping willow lea
The sweep of sod and sea
Are folded ‘neath Her wing
And all along the street
Where dark and light compete
The plush rush of glad feet
Turn homeward and hearts sing

Ah, pray that well we tend
This place where at day’s end
Comforts of family-friend
With eager hunger come
And pray the Lord to bless
With hope and happiness
Life’s crowning commonness
Earth’s heaven; home, sweet home

© Janet Martin

Inspired by Brenda's post here:)

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