Friday, November 20, 2015

Mostly I'm Amazed...

Mostly I am amazed the most at things that never change
The way time flies; how soon dawn’s ghost sails through the dark again
How quick time’s truth afflicts fair youth; how subtle it instills
Within the heart of middle-age, its sage clashing of wills

Mostly I am amazed at how days gather up the years
How it seems we barely begin the Thing that disappears
Ah, little wonder that we plunder with sea-legs to shore
Only to turn and gaze star-yonder at what is no more

Mostly I am amazed at time’s intricate wheedle-work
Soft-winnowing the air of stitches for its needle-jerk
Ouch, oh, I didn’t quite expect to be amazed so soon
At what was new this morning and now sleeps beneath the moon

Mostly I am amazed at age-old ways Time chases girls
How soon mothers fondle small shoes and ribbons for their curls
There is no turning back; so we proceed forward half-dazed
Mostly by things that never change yet leave us full-amazed

© Janet Martin

Last night someone mentioned to me about 'all of the time that has passed'
...we said 'take care' stepped apart to let the crowd through and five years vanished.

At my son's hockey game I saw someone I knew a long time ago and the moment I thought  It about him I knew he was thinking It about me;-))
Today I saw a friend from years ago when our girls were pre-schoolers and we reminisced, marveling at the wink of at Time's age-old ways.

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