Friday, November 6, 2015

A Word to World Leaders

PAD Challenge Day 6: Write a 'you're being watched' poem. 

You watch my mood,
Jolly, subdued
My rushed or soft,unhurried touch
You read my eyes
My smiles and sighs
The tone of my replies and such

You crave my time
Above all else
You prefer words like ‘with’ and ‘we’
You love to laugh
And imitate
The things you see or hear from me

I wouldn’t trade
For any Thing
This Very Best that I have had
With you; tomorrow’s
Women, men
Shaped by world-leaders; mom and dad

© Janet Martin

...first mom and dad  then grandmas and grandpas, teachers, babysitters and all the other members
of a village it takes to raise a child...

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