Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mr. Fall-wind

The day was mellow yellow, then suddenly the wind took the afternoon in its teeth and shook it like a mad dog!

He drops puddles in the driveway
He rips petals from the trees
...chases leaves across the garden
Rakes the air with stormy seas

He pulls the sun from its garden
Like a flower stripped of bloom
Without asking please or pardon
He becomes a giant broom

He tosses Falls leaf-tresses
Tousles every tinted peak
Rough-houses Her poise with kisses
Against his unshaven cheek

Then he tires of his riot
Or is it a bit of guilt?
 Suddenly the earth is quiet
Tucked beneath a leaf-spun quilt


That's the way fall is, a see-saw of rain and sun. 
After a hefty thunderstorm the wind scuttled away
and the sun is shining
but the temps dropped!!


  1. I love this, Janet. I particularly love the intro with the mad dog imagery and then the leaf-spun quilt. The video was an added bonus and a little peek into your inspiration. Lovely.


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