Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumn ABC's

 OctPoWriMo day 12

Applause of leaf is brief, my darling
Bric-a-brac of seasons spill
Causing balladeers to ponder
Death and life and time’s quadrille

Everything is ‘but a season’
Flowers flourish, fade and fall
God, the Keeper of earth’s garden
Heaps the deep with seeded hull

Intimate, nature’s undoing
Jars joy-sorrow intertwined
Keening Consciousness pursuing
Love-loss-longing’s heart-soul-mind

Mulled moments meld gold to crimson
Naked nods the ravished bloom
Opulence transposed; each petal
Plays a swansong on spring’s womb

Quiet quickens clapping coppice
Russet rivers rush beneath
Shadows draining summer’s waning
Tress upon tempest-tossed heath

Umber skeletal umbrellas
Vex wind-minstrels; poetry
Washes worlds, once full of leaf-song
Xylophone-like gong sets free
Yellow, garnet, bronze-keyed skylines
Zephyrs strum their melody

© Janet Martin

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