Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trying to Make Peace With The Ways of Time and A Blessing For the New School Year

...and just like that; another summer in the books! 

The fast-forward of summer days are spilled
Like sunbeams on a leaf they glance then flit
Into that far-off place where time is stilled
While hearts make room to wear the ache of it

Daunting Unknown waits behind ev’ry door
We are not brave, save by the grace of God
For He alone can hear the heart implore
While all the while seasons fall prey to sod

We make peace with the hand of change and then
Before we scarce have learned its foreign drill
The hand of change changes its ways again
To jar the heart and vex our human will

And we would be intimidated, oft
By the relentlessness of tick and tock
As it deceives with kisses hunger-soft
Then leaves its laughter on the leaf-strewn walk

The brunt of years startles us with good-byes
Its August afternoon, castles of sand
Caught in the quick of summer-skies and sighs
As waves erase its traces from Time’s hand

Loss would be our lonely boast, but oh
Upon the bittersweet of Bygone’s isle
A fresh-faced cast of memories ebb-flow
To tease the face of time into a smile

© Janet Martin

The bus came early, before any of us were expecting it so the first back-to-school-morning had no time for sentimentality or voiced first-day-of-grade-nine-anxiety-attacks. I heard Matt giving Victoria some do and don’t advice just before the frantic ‘oh no! the bus!!’ scene…so, needless to say, no pictures; except one I couldn't resist of the neighbors across the road waiting for their bus on this rainy morning.

A Blessing For the New School Year

Lord, bless and keep them as they go
Hold them within Your care
Let laughter make their faces glow
As You instill our prayer

And let their way be blessed with friends
Help them be a friend too
For past mistakes, Lord, make amends
And help them start brand-new

Be with each teacher; make words wise
And kind and valuable
To these so young, their ears and eyes
So impressionable

Give them minds of discernment, Lord
As they learn what they can
Then, bless with happiness, each child
And young woman and man

© Janet Martin

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