Monday, September 14, 2015

This Granted Life...

 The tomatoes in my garden this year are smallish...
but abundant!

This granted breath we fill with death
Of winter-spring-summer and fall
Inhales, exhales, life's ether grail
Spills and refills time’s ebbing drawl

This granted Bit of grace and grit
And plea to pause its pantomime
Bids us slow-taste noon’s sun-sweet haste
And savor the flavor of time

This granted come and go, yes, no
This teasing, easing day-to-day
This fleeting hold of moment-gold
Can fold a granted life away

© Janet Martin

We are definitely savoring a gorgeous 'sun-sweet one' today!


  1. What a beautiful bounty of beauty and sweetness, Janet! Enjoy the fruits of your labour, my friend!


    1. :) Thank-you! this time of year is definitely a gardener's/canner's paradise. I've done a few batches of salsa and I'm debating whether to turn these into juice and do a batch of homemade canned veggie soup.

  2. Nice, Janet. Enjoy. Our cherry tomatoes were sweet, but the bigger guys did not make it.

    1. it's been a strange tomato year...for a long time they stayed orange, but now they are finally ripening to a nice red!

  3. The chipmunks usually spoil mine before they even begin to turn orange. So I didn't even try this year. Then, at the beginning of September we noticed a volunteer from last year's cherry tomatoes coming up between the flagstones. There is fruit on it and, so far, the chipmunks have left it alone. Hoping the warm weather lasts long enough for the handful of tomatoes to ripen. There are three of us and we will share them out equally as we are all as greedy as chipmunks for them.

    1. lol!!!oh, i hope you get a few! they should ripen if you are getting the heat-wave we're having right now.


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