Saturday, September 5, 2015

September's Living-room

Today we are easy to please
September's lease forgives and stuns
Fathoms of life-discrepancies
With a dew-dipped puddle of sun

Flower gardens flaunt front row seats
Where Cricket-minstrels serenade
The minute-hand as it competes
With sweet September, heaven-made

September's door is wide open 
September's floor is petal-strewn
September's window is unframed
September is time's afternoon

Today we ask for nothing more
Than this chicory and sedge hold
...The pathos of what lies in store
Is cradled in a sea of gold

We revel 'neath blue-beveled tide
Baroness in a beggar’s room
Satisfied to be satisfied
By September’s derelict bloom

© Janet Martin

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