Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September's Farewell Song...

I’m not going so far away, really
Eleven months distance by train, foot or plane
Or one step backward from here, but my darling
One step back cannot restore moments again

I hear a near voice calling, calling, calling
And I must go. Though I know I would stay
If granted permission but, oh my darling
No one can barter with Time’s chartered prey

I leave you the hill slowly spilling its ardor
I leave you the tree turning crimson and gold
And in every ditch, hollow, hummock and arbor
I leave more beauty than words can quite hold

All the love poems can’t spell farewell’s feeling
Darling, departure tugs heaven’s heartstrings
And in a way it seems we are ever dealing
With the letting go that love’s holding on brings

Don’t be too sad love, tears are temporary
And years return much in their full-circle chase
So I leave you in good hands, darling Darling
October is waiting to take my place

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful words to end the month of September. It sure went by fast! Being away for 2 weeks made it fly. Blessings, Pam

    1. Get-aways do that, don't they?

      September is a big canning month here. I always feel like I miss so much of it but I never regret the fruit of those hours spent in the kitchen either...I just stirred the pizza sauce I'm canning today, so now I'm going to dash out for a bit of fresh air until it needs to be stirred again.

      Thank-you Pamela, for dropping by and here's to a lovely October!


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