Monday, September 7, 2015

Rejoicing in the Birth of Today

Oh, beauty of a newborn day
The old is folded, done away
We rise to see the east beget
What none have soiled or mangled yet

Ah, holy ground, virgin the sweep
Of moments hailing from yon deep
Offspring of heaven’s womb, gold-gray
In beauty of a newborn day

Oh, Duty, surely we are blessed
To bear the scepter of life’s best
Where God graces time’s common tray
With beauty of a newborn day

…and all that He requires then
Is that we try and try again
For yester’s old is done away
In the beauty of newborn day

Where God saw fit to extend thus
Time’s Little Bit to all of us
Dare we then, to forget to pray
And thank Him for this newborn day?

© Janet Martin

This newborn day is shaping up to be a scorcher! I better go out to the garden before it gets too hot. I'm hoping its duties include doing  sweet corn if its ready because tomorrow my help goes back to school!

Happy Labor Day to all!
Aren't you humbly glad we have work to labor at... enjoy its sense of worth?!

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