Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's A Beautiful Life (being Mother and House-Wife)

 I'm sending lunch to my sister's farm today. (Hamburger Stew, bread and cheese)
Her place is all a-flutter with wedding preparations because they are hosting their son's wedding on Friday...
Their first fledgling to leave the nest so, bittersweet Beautiful Days in a mother's
Beautiful Life...

Here are bits and pieces of my last fifteen hours of a beautiful, busy life!
Happy First Day of Autumn!

It’s laundry and dishes
And half-come-true wishes
Its dinner-filled pots and pans
Broom-and mop-chores
It’s bake-a-cake, take-a-break
Plan what’s for supper
It’s school-lunches, bloom-bunches
And so much more

It’s weeding and hoeing
And coming and going
It’s garden-rows glowing
With offspring of seeds
Its pruning and picking
It's ‘slow-that-clock-ticking’
And dusting, and trusting
God for our needs

It's mending and tending
Homefires. It's sending
Prayers up to heaven 
While bending to earth
It's taking and giving
It's sweet, simple living
It's bitter and sweet
Mingling sorrow and mirth

It’s holding and scolding
It’s wiping and folding
And laughing and sighing
As years fondly flow
It's diligent duty
And domestic beauty
It’s teaching while learning
To hold and let go

It’s love spelled in places
Of daily God-graces
It’s familiar faces
When daylight is spent
It’s Mother and Wife,
What a beautiful life
It’s sing-to-God praises
For kind blessings lent

© Janet Martin

(and now, a quick hour to go get my daughter who suddenly decided to come home for a day. She is away at school and between work and study is finding life very busy as well)


  1. A beautiful post. That hamburger stew looks so delicious already. A perfect dish for this time of year.

    1. thank-you:) I just picked up the empty pan and she told me it was thoroughly enjoyed by all so it was well worth the effort!

      I love cooking this time of year with so much abundance from the garden! the only thing in the stew that couldn't be grown was the beef, of course.


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