Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Purposed Recognition

Oh, I should never want to be
Absorbed with living’s this and that
Lest what is right in front of me
Falls heedless through perception’s cracks
And I should never care to pine
Gazing to skyline’s in my thought
Missing what Love has tendered mine
While hungering for what is not

Else I might miss morn’s mercy glow
Like laughter lighting heaven’s eyes
Or how its light, like hope-beams flow
Through crevices in weighted skies
or then perhaps I would forget
To touch and hold and taste and see
The beauty of love’s preciousness
And life’s awesome fragility

We cannot choose love’s higher dues
Of when or what God gives and takes
We ought to cherish gifted hues
Before their blue in Bygone breaks
Moments transpire, volatile
Soft Seraphim of dust-to- dust
Lord, teach us how to recognize
Your gifts in mercies that shape trust

 Janet Martin

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