Monday, May 4, 2015

What Then?

Tampa Bay

I'm married to a lifelong Hab (Montreal Canadiens) fan...I will say no more;-) 
We love watching sports and cheering on our favorite teams/players! But...

When all the teams we’ve cheered for
And all our dreams are done
When fortune's gleaming moment-lore
Fades like mist in the sun

…when all the paths we’ve taken
With all the care we’ve borne
Dissolves as we awaken
In God’s eternal morn

…when trial-error fumbling
Mutely disintegrates
Like paper castles crumbling
Beneath Time’s shutting gates

…when hope and heartache’s groaning
And faith and fear’s Object
Appears before eyes closing
To what none can reject

…when we lay down to rise up
To never sleep again
When Death cries to us, ‘Time’s up’
Pray tell me, love, what then?

© Janet Martin

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