Thursday, May 7, 2015


Mother, oh, is there any other word on earth so dear?
Than she who gives her Best of life to those within her care
Mother, the name of her rouses within the heart love’s tear
For she who holds her children in her arms and in her prayer

Mother, we never will outgrow her love for it is such
No matter whether young or old, her voice is never far
Her hands that held and nurtured, hold and nurture still, her touch
A thing of prayer no matter where her darling children are

Mother, the beauty of her none can ever improve on
Her hands work-worn, her face a love-lined picture of God’s grace
“Mother, I (we) pray today a blessing heaven-sent upon
You, for nobody on this earth can ever take your place

© Janet Martin

Praying esp. for ‘the littles’ who mourn the loss of mother…

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