Friday, May 29, 2015

Momentous Affair

Oh, Time insists on taking from us what we cannot keep,
Darling, darling what tug-of-warring this, its wake and sleep
Where none can hasten bud nor return petals to its fold
They scatter to life’s paths in aftermaths of have-and-hold

Time demands from hands and hearts and minds soft intertwined
Affectations of bravery; slavery to clocks combined
With stalwart resistance to the bloodless insistence of
Seasons; Its reasons masquerading as longing and love

Our infidelity to good intent is nothing new
Darling, darling, let’s try again for what more can we do
Than take that which remains and break the chains of fear and doubt
Because so much of what time takes we learn to live without

For Time insists on taking what no one can lay hold on
Its winnowing of moments strings together hither-yon
And we are powerless to intercede; the greed of air
Drinks afternoons and flowers in time’s momentous affair

Darling, darling then hold me close but do not fence me in
Soon, soon the afternoon will turn into morning again
Where living's art of hand in hand and heart to heart entwine
To try to satisfy the hunger of this Thing called Time

© Janet Martin

I haven't posted this song in a while...:)

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