Thursday, April 16, 2015

To The Evolution of Ignorance...

   PAD Challenge day 16: write a science poem

Sometimes science attempts to explain
Away the Creator with guess-work, while rain
Falls from the heaven’s to nurture the sod
And sun spills to us, a dull glimpse of Him; God

Sometimes science has no reply, like how/why
Something from nothing evolved?!  Oh my!
Claiming a Creator most preposterous
And Belief in Him archaic to ‘the smartest of us’

Sometimes science, with all its study
Draws conclusions, at best, hoping everybody
Will be willing to swallow the ‘facts’ they offer
Scoffing at faith; in the face of their Creator

Sometimes science, a God-designed wonder
Amazes earth-scholars in its intricate grandeur
While we play at knowledge bestowed, not by us

© Janet Martin

Recently I heard a news broadcaster declare that 'today's generation is wiser and doesn't necessarily need to believe in the religion of a God'

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