Wednesday, April 15, 2015

That Season Twixt White-as-Snow and Green-as-Grass

We are in this season now,  spell-binding in its sweep of sod unbroken...
Earth a picture of Waiting

How stark and still the sweep of hill and rolling mead unbroken
A sterile sketch of Waiting etched on Nature’s steeped ahoy
Beneath the awning of time’s stabile dawning-dying token
Prelude and postlude blend like death and birth in strange alloy

How vast the sky where eons vie and draw the eye unbidden
To ponder heaven’s ocean mirroring Forevermore
The dark and light of day and night within its tide is driven
It ebbs and flows above us like a sea without a shore

How brief the interlude twixt white-as-snow and green-as-grass
Earth yields its subdued fallow to a Lordship preordained
As He imbues the furrow and the morrow; seasons pass
In pictures of submission and fruition unrestrained

How lithe the writhing hours plead and bleed with need and flowers
Our hope-dread intermingling like a landscape on the verge
Of what remains as grace sustains and unchains sun and showers
To break the bud as barrenness and benediction merge

© Janet Martin

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