Thursday, April 23, 2015

Serious Business


Purple Clover (or alfalfa;) but its hard to rhyme alfalfa!

Pancakes, pansies, purple clover
Yesterday’s new hat
Suddenly we’re one year older
Just like that

Showers, flowers, tears and kisses
Pour from nature’s vat
Little girl becomes a missus
Just like that

Little becomes bigger, bigger
Kitten becomes cat
Boy become a ‘father figure’
Just like that

Sing, for we have seen the morning
Fling its welcome mat
Love crowns us king and queen, darling
Just like that

Let’s not worry about money
Past is growing fat
Time could foreclose on us, honey
Just like that

Pancakes, pansies, purple clover
Rhyme-and-chime combat
Someday it will all be over,
Just like that

© Janet Martin

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