Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Things First

Before the tree is flower-frothed
And every lea is vernal clothed
Before the beaming daffodil
Dons bonnets to stroll up the hill
Before the ‘By-God’s-grace-we-sow’
And all the pretty gardens grow
Before the picnic spread beneath
The blue of heaven’s beaming wreath
Before the tempo of bare feet
Dashes through daisy-fields knee-deep
And all the earth is ever-green
Where once a world of white had been
Earth needs the splish-splish- splash of rain
To warm and bathe and wash Her clean

© Janet Martin

It's a splish-splash Rob and Emily moving Day...oh well:)

Happy Spring!

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  1. A beautiful tribute to nature, what a lovely blog you have.


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