Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When The Gift Is Wrapped In Silence...called Writer's Block

The will of want can be a taunting whisper that distracts
And tugs us from the purpose of The Call
The will of God invites us to trust Him when fear attacks
Then make His purpose our all in all

Sometimes thought is reluctant to deploy, its joy exiled
The head hollow where heart is heavy-weighed
And we wish words would spill like laughter of a little child
Instead, silence erects a barricade

But, if we have believed that He is able, by His might
We pray, then, humbly wait upon the Lord
Until He grants permission; it is by His grace we write
From Him, for Him, to Him, the gift of word

© Janet Martin  


  1. "-Sometimes thought is reluctant to deploy" - great line!!

  2. Nice to be back home reading here....Need to read Kara's book too.
    Somehow sitting in a waiting room with Luella & Marian today (and Shirley)the more the merrier:) makes one realise again... what a beautiful gift the simple everyday routines are....

    1. I thought this book would make me want to cry all the way through...it has those moments but mostly it makes me want to live, really, really live!! just now i was arranging a nice center-piece to make supper special. She reminded mothers to make meals more than just another meal. Make them memorable, not with big expensive things but with special, simple touches. yes, the simple everyday is the best gift in life! Praying for God's strength for your mother-in-law!


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