Thursday, February 5, 2015

Now, That's Living when Victoria asked why the 'special-with-candles' supper it was easy to reply, 'you'...and she twirled away like Mary Poppins singing...Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Don’t ever envy anyone. Just make the most of every moment while you can.

 Dorothy McGuire in the movie Claudia

So then, before it is too late,
Lest we stare back with faces grim
Let’s take the moments that yet wait

Let’s soften silences with smiles
Or dash along that outer edge
Where come-and-get-me Day beguiles
Then falls away like silvered sedge
Tomorrow winks with hungry haste
Yesterday like a dead husk lies
Today is all that we can taste
Beneath time’s blue-gray-golden skies

Let's slurp and never mind the spills
But let life drip wild off our chins
Today's once-in-a-lifetime fills
This cup that we hold up; grace grins

Then, dare to do more than just dream
And dare to brave this new day-rise
Dare to dance, glad upon its stream
Seizing each moment like a prize

Lest we stare with our faces drawn
When, oh, alas it is too late
Because ‘what is’ has come and gone
An epitaph on Eon's gate

© Janet Martin

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