Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Again...

Love can be hard; the air charred with words thoughtless, unkind
Still, love in tender mercy from faith-fathoms undefined
Forgives; it is the only way for hope to carry on
And turn the throes of cut-throat woes to colors of the dawn

Love can be soft with pity in life’s gritty highs and lows
A rose has thorns; love is akin to roses, I suppose
The heart is like a child and love, an ageless gift because
No one outgrows its need; we bleed with longing at its loss

Love, the give and take of it can break a thousand rules
Love is kind; its blindness not for weak, self-minded fools
Where lust is like a beggar, love is rich beyond belief
…these three abide, faith, hope and love but of these, love is chief

We cannot clarify the ins and outs of love, I guess
It is life’s deepest sorrow and its sweetest happiness
Love never fails, though we may fail and think our efforts vain
Love is the holy miracle that lets us love again

© Janet Martin

Nobody said love would be easy...


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