Friday, February 20, 2015

Job Offer

I tripped over a hockey-bag while starting laundry, when I heard the bus pull up...Victoria always looks for Mom's 'see-you' wave...

He asks, with eyebrows raised
If ‘do I think that possibly
I miss the thrill of knowing
My full potentiality
Implying, ‘Here
Among the mundane-ness
Of household chores and such’
He dangles it as ‘nothings’
…all these things that I call love
And do I think it is enough?
The noise of boys
And toys
And ‘little things'
Which fill me with
Ten-thousand unnamed joys
He asks me if ‘I never
Long for more than merely this?’
I wonder, does he mean smiles, hugs
Or pudgy, smudgy toast-crumb kiss?
And then, he lays before me
What he calls a golden ladder
Promising money,
As though it could buy
Those things
That really matter

© Janet Martin


  1. He doesn't realize you've been at the top of the "golden ladder" for quite a while :-)

  2. If you offer me a job of eating those cookies I'll take it!!


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