Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hour-power... a Sonnet

How swift you lay your head on twilight’s stair
The courtship of your pleasantry a-waft
Where hillsides splay blue friendships, shadow-soft
Upon a barricade twixt Here and There
Darling, the chimera of touching you
Provokes ineptness, still, I know I must
Embrace the air that vexes dust-to-dust
Before the color-fall of your adieu
Tell me then how to love you; how can I
Be all that I can be before good-bye?

Tie ribbons, azure-noon, into my hair
Tease me with more than toil’s rigid demand
And teach me how to trust wanderlust’s hand
Lest I forfeit her freeing gait for care
And oh, may I do more than tolerate
Your steady dispensation; let me thrive
And prove with gladness that I am alive
Even as we approach yon Parting Gate
Then show me, ere the tolling of the bell
To be all that we can, before farewell

You are the kiss that breaks the bud-green seal
And when the bloom has borne its utter best
You are the fingers that lay it to rest
Where seed and husk to life and death appeal
The minute-hands upon wall-clocks dictate
Your rise and fall; a rolling, soulful surf
Where twilight rushes blue across the turf
That cradles seasons; longing’s surrogate
Darling, then love me tender, heart to heart
So I may learn to dance before we part

© Janet Martin

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