Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For the Love of Home

Kara at Mundane Faithfulness asks "What is home to you? Where is your exhale? What dreams sometimes steal your contentment of what you have?"

She makes me want to live Love with arms wide-open! ...to crave the Glorious Mundane

It is much more than she deserves
The comfort of its love-worn curves
Where heaven’s subtle shadow lies
Within the frame of laughing eyes
And Time together; set apart
From life out there, its heart to heart
A joy that money cannot buy
But grants to folk like you and I
Who, by the kindness of God’s love
Received a crumb from Favor’s trove

It is more than pen can express
Home’s pure simple-sweet happiness
Of love and learn, of spills and tears
…how fond and fleet the will of years
Melds moments into memories
And tickles time away with ease
Where suddenly we are awestruck
By the beauty of mercy’s muck
…a harbor on hope’s heaving sea
That only home-sweet-home can be

It is more than she can quite grasp
Time’s tangled cords slip through her clasp
Where Fortune wears a strange disguise
Yet weaves a holy paradise
And who knew that love’s constant mess
Could foot the crux of happiness?
Or how Mundane will ever be
The apex of excellency
In four-wall halls of chipped-paint bliss
Where home is surely heaven’s kiss

© Janet Martin

...Victoria and I watched one of our favorite black and white movies last night;
Little Women starring Katherine Hepburn


  1. Love the poem perspective - and what a fun photo conspirator in the lovely Victoria!

  2. ;-) thank-you. Since Victoria and I are the only two 'gals' left at home we have a lot of fun together. (I think she knew I was trying to get a casual surprise-shot;)

  3. That is some precious quality time together Janet. I think I've seen this older version of Little Women but we have the new one which I love to watch. Be blessed today.

    1. We own the newer one as well. TCM was playing the old version last night and it was a treat to watch. Esp Katherine who plays Jo with her tom-boyish exclamations of 'Christopher Columbus!!'


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