Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beyond Our Control...Wikem Thursday


Gravity...  has an infinite range; it is always attractive and never repulsive; wikipedia

Yes, it's wikem-day:) Anyone is welcome to give it a go! Join in?:-)We're all first-timers to each topic!

well, that explains it then
how, no matter how far
away the miles dictate the state
of distance, here you are

and I can touch you where
road-maps claim otherwise
for maps do not account for sounds
like soft-spoken good-byes

your infinite appeal
defies all gravity
thus, no matter how far you are
you're always here with me

for we are drawn, it seems
by laws of fixed discourse
futile to fight the nature of
love's superlative force 



  1. I love the image of putting sounds on the map, so to speak, giving them almost material weight. "Soft-spoken", yet powerful.

    1. :) Thank-you. Lately I feel like I'm in a bit of a funk, missing a daughter very busy with school and work; the way it should be but I miss her none-the-less. I'm hoping the pull of gravity lets her sense the nearness of me as;-)


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