Friday, January 2, 2015

Of Dimming Day...

 (gorgeous moon tonight!)
Already I can feel the dawn
Of dimming daylight pool
In purple-gray across the lawn
From twilight’s tugging spool

I’d tuck you in my pocket, love
Like some, childhood-sweet prize
But oh, you slip from daylight’s glove
To locket-shaped good-byes

These moments knit together in
Slurs, silk and softly caught
Will never meet like this again
Save perhaps in my thought, tumbling from Time’s two-tiered boon
Its giving-taking thread
Gathers another afternoon
To pictures in my head

…yet, even there, I am aware
‘Tis mere snippets thought keeps
Thus motionless I pause; the air
Of dimming daylight weeps

© Janet Martin

Victoria and I agree that these tired cookies taste better today than they have all season! I don't quite know why but maybe because they're not the after-thought following a dinner; just a nice afternoon snack with a good book and a cup of tea... (or coffee)

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