Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Fellowship of Green and Blue

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The fellowship of green and blue
Or white, is good for me and you
And we can learn a thing or three
Within the honest company
Of wide-flung skies and friendly breeze
That stirs kind whispering of trees
They do not bother to repeat
Those things less kind or true or sweet
Its shade is free and equal, for
We are all people, nothing more

No invitation needed, just
A purposed sort of wanderlust
To walk a thoroughfare of sod
And talk without a word to God
A tree does not ask for a name
Or judge the place from whence we came
It spreads its arms with charm sincere
And beckons us, come here, come here
Where time enough pulls out a chair
And fills our cups with pure, fresh air

The sky has open, honest eyes
It wears no pretense or disguise
The wild-bloom none can own or boast
Nor fence it in with chain and post
And I think everyone would be
More like the sky or bloom or tree
If we, instead of push and rush
And blame, would listen where the hush
Of nature bears an attitude
Of patience; Earth is never rude

© Janet Martin

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