Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Child' ...In Reply To Garth Brook's Song 'Mom'

 Matt, straight out of bed this morning said, 'hey mom, I want you to hear this new awesome song from Garth Brooks!' He grinned as I listened with tears...tears of both joy and grief as I think about how many times I mess up in my 'leading them back to Him' and of joy because nothing comes close to the 'I love you Moms' uttered in countless ways...

When you came from heaven
Little girl or boy
You became the reason
For your mother’s joy
All her other dreams, child
Suddenly came true
Nothing could prepare her
For the likes of you

When you came from heaven
Suddenly her world
Took on a new meaning
In wee boy or girl
All life’s other charges
Would be reconciled
None quite as important
As her little child

Slip-and-stumble sorrow
Trip-and tumble crawls
Learning as she teaches
Reaching as she falls
Faith, fear and forgiveness
Tendering their art
Rendering joy’s fullness
Deep within her heart

When you came from heaven
Heaven came to her
Love took on new meaning
In the word Mother
And nothing could prepare her
For its sweetest sum
Just to hear her children
Say, I love you, mom

© Janet Martin

That saying is so true about a mother holding her children a short time in her arms but forever in her heart...

Dayle talks about another aspect of 'mother and child' here.
and here...

Mother said to God
I’m kinda scared
I feel so small
And unprepared

So much to teach them
As they grow
I’ve never been
A mother, you know

They'll need a lot
Of love and care
I’m gonna need
A lot of prayer

God said to mother,
What you say is true
But you’re not alone
I’ll walk with you

© Janet Martin


  1. have not heard. She said they decided on Tues. 28th. When she got home she realized the 28th is today so it might be this afternoon.


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