Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oh, Death

PAD Challenge day 30:For today’s prompt, write an inevitable poem. The poem that always had to be, or a poem about something that was inevitable.

He is a Marksman and does not miss
Then laugh your full laughter and kiss that soft kiss
Slow dance with moments, hold steady their gaze
'cause he's gonna get us one of these days

The blush of morning teases feet to the floor
Deftly adorning Time's street with its More
Grinning and weeping, the flash of a flower
Falls from his sheaf like the ash of an hour

He takes no vacation, and he never sleeps
...he only comes once to each one, but for keeps
None can decipher the names on each dart
Nor when his arrow will enter the heart

His is a presence both feared and revered
Time's breath-by-breath essence gently commandeered   
By this Marksman's Master; Death is but the rod 
of flesh back to dust and the soul back to God


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