Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Garden Slumber-song

Slumber, sweet garden in cradles of soil
Long you have borne rose and thorn, fruit and toil
Now let the wind-song sweep over your slope
Lulling the plot that soon cradles new hope

Rock-a-bye, river of umber and sod
Hush-a-bye, haven of summer and God
Lullaby, rest for your best work is done 
Garnered and gathered in jars filled with sun

Sleep ‘til a wisp o’ spring kisses your brow
Sleep, tucked in warm beneath blankets of snow
Sleep, you have earned your furrow-turned repose
Lavishing larders with seed’s sundry rose

Slumber, sweet garden for soon you will wake
Where restless sunbeams tickle bird, bark and brake
Now let the murmur of echoing deep
Wrap you in summer and rock you to sleep

© Janet Martin

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