Thursday, October 16, 2014


There is nothing quite as lovely as a kettle when it sings
Ah, surely, surely tea-time is one of life’s kindest things
For in the hustle-bustle of life’s hasting human-race
It’s nice to stop and pour a cup of quiet tea-time grace

English, earl gray or peppermint, lemon or chamomile
Or any other flavor, tea is like a kettle’s smile
Or like a hug, it satisfies the middle afternoon
To sit a bit and pour a cup of happy-happy tune

It gathers friends together yet is lovely on its own
It warms us when the weather weeps in cold, gray monotone
It brings with it a book perhaps, or a moment to dream
With eyes half-shut, we hold a cup of aromatic steam

Life is too short to hurry-scurry without pause, you see
And what is so important that it cannot wait through tea?
Time’s bric-a-brac and tick-o-tock is noisy nothingness
If we deprive our little lives of tea-time happiness

Yes, there's nothing quite as lovely as a kettle when it sings
It puts on pause the fretting flaws that living surely brings 
So if you're feeling down and out, perhaps its time to quit
Just long enough to pour the love of tea and sit a bit
© Janet Martin

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