Saturday, October 11, 2014

For These...a Thanks Giving Song

For sweep of sky to feed the eye
For song of waterfall in trees
For poetry of land and sea
We thank You Lord, for these

For strength to hold time’s moment-gold
For lips to laugh, for hands to seize
The cup that brims with mercy-hymns
We thank You Lord, for these

For days that teach us how to reach
For nights alight with star-frothed seas
For dusk and dawn of gold-pink yawn
We thank you Lord, for these

For words to fill with warmth when chill
Of wind or want would taunt and tease
For grinning joy of girl or boy
We thank You Lord, for these

For garden-wealth, for home, for health
For this, the hope of centuries;
Amazing grace to human race
We thank You Lord, for these

For this new day to thread time’s way
Beyond this broken, begging sod
For hearts to trust in more than dust
For these, we thank you, God

© Janet Martin

It is Thanksgiving Week-end in Canada.
Oh, pray the thanks we give
is simply a continued song
of every day we live

Up early to bake apple and pumpkin pies, cinnamon-snaps (a fall favorite here),Hopefully there might be recipes and pics later today. I say might because it seems Saturdays seldom turn out like I picture them in the morning; trying to balance busyness and breath-catching beauty!


  1. This is a beautiful poem of thanks, Janet. As I was laying in bed early this morning I was thinking of what I'd like to accomplish today and here I am....looking at blogs. LOL I think pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will be baking at some point. We went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement yesterday and I'd love to be editing those photos but they'll have to wait. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Pam

  2. I share a kindred-chuckle. I KNOW!! Here I was with a big to-do list AND words burning holes in my will-power;))

    Victoria loves carrot cake with cream-cheese icing so I suddenly decided to bake that while I make pies. Now I'm out of flour so that means grocery shopping before cookies. Victoria found a recipe tis week for pumpkin choc-chip cookies. I think we will give them a try as well!

    I hope you can share your trip later.It's so much fun to have a hobby to look forward to as a motivator to get 'those other things' done. I'm off to clean windows before groceries, then back to least THAT's The Plan;) we all know how that can go!

    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you and yours.

  3. Such lovely words of thanksgiving.



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