Monday, October 6, 2014

Ah, Love

Ah love, what earthly paradise
Ignites the splendor of your sighs
Where I admit with half-shut eyes
That I am quite betaken
Not merely by fair face or form
Or by the sweet, soul-rending storm
That rages where your touch is warm
And leaves me fully shaken

Ah love, what torment you ensconce
Evoking agonies where once
We thought that love was the response
Of Want fulfilling wishes
But now with boldness love declares
More than the blush of silly stares
Or famished flush of morning where
We rent the night with kisses

Ah love, what tug-of-war thou art
A flying, falling heart to heart
Where we vowed ‘til death do us part’
And nothing here can sever
As we shore battlegrounds within
For making love cannot begin
Without; but roars beneath our skin
Bound in one word; Forever

© Janet Martin

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