Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mother to Mother

‘You know how it is’ she said
And I do
That feeling of lonely
November blue
Of heart-letting-go
Of un-clenching fists
Knowing Time takes
Even as it gives
And all we can do
Is savor the kiss
Of every moment
…you know how it is, what we can't hold
We cover with prayer
Knowing God IS

  © Janet Martin

Back-to-school packing/moving is kicking into high gear. We have one more week before the house is one girl emptier...


  1. It never changes either...they are always our little one, even when they are 30. :-) How old are your children?

  2. Oh Carrie, it is so true.

    Emily is 22,(married last October) Melissa is 20, (the one leaving for college)Matthew is 16 (eats sleep, breathes cars and driving) Victoria is 13 (giggles and between childhood and womanhood)

    Thank-you for understanding:)


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