Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What We See

 "I have always maintained that if you look closely enough you can see the wind; the dim-hardly-made-out, fine debris fleeing high in the air". Stewart Edward White

Then fling away, oh blinding scales
 And let me see what sight unveils
For I would like to learn to see
The 'what is right in front of me'

Ah, see time’s colors; how they splay
While shaping miracles from clay
Dare I to pass without a glance
Where a wide world of wonders dance?

Forbid it that I serve a lord
Bent on dull dollars for reward
Then forgetting to truly see
The 'what is right in front of me'

Gift-wrapped beauty in rich supply
Waits, waits to awe the Seeing Eye
Nature, a painter with no brush
Does not wait long, nor does she rush

For no stage, page, platform or screen
Offers to us such relished scene
As that long second look we take
Across dusk’s fading, jaded brake

Thus, here and now, house, field or street
God gives to all a front row seat
Oh, then let us never forget
That what we see is what we get

© Janet Martin

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