Friday, July 4, 2014

Wayfarer's Wonderment

Oh, do not rush me so
For past yon distant slope
A sense of newness spreads its glow
In God-breathed shades of hope

And I must pause a bit
To drink its wonder in
A gift indeed it is to sit
And see the day begin

Earth, like a polished cup
Brims with Time’s newborn best
And we, its creatures thus lift up
To God, praise and request

…for He saw fit once more
To breathe upon the dark
to light the wick that lights the shore
Where wayfarers embark

And in this light we see
 A sweep of land, sea, sky
God’s handiwork of poetry
Stunning our mortal eye

Yet what we cannot see
Is greater, dearer far
To know He cares for you and me
No matter who we are

Faith, hope and trust agree
We do not understand
The moaning, groaning filigree
That fills His holy hand

Yet in the end we know
Or, at the least we should
To those who truly love Him so
All things work out for good

So, do not rush me, clock
For I must sit a bit
To have a tender morning-talk
With He who ordained it

© Janet Martin

Happy Independence Day to our American neighbors.

 Also,our thoughts and prayers are with our 'farming-neighbors' in Manitoba.  and our fellow-wayfarers in the Ukraine.

Trust is merely another word until it is needed!

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