Thursday, July 10, 2014

To Readers and Writers I Will Never Fully Meet...

I love you though speech-silence must remain our meeting-place
And miles we cannot travel our sole soul-sweet embrace

I love you though we’ve never met to touch, save on this stage
Of poetry; strange how a friendship forms from page to page

I love you and I miss you like a drifter far from home
How is it, soul-mates sometimes never fully meet, save in a poem?

I love you, as together far apart our hearts are stirred
To share a mystic kinship through the wonder of a word

© Janet Martin

Praying a special blessing on you today~
Thank-you for dropping by.


  1. Lovely poems! Thank you for sharing them. I just found your site today, so happy I did.
    Lois D

  2. Hi Lois,
    I'm glad too! Thank-you for dropping by and for your kind words.

  3. Hi Janet!

    You know, I think about you a lot! I hope you're enjoying this summer weather :) Although we've never met, I consider you a friend! Always, always blessed by your poetry and kind words... Megan :)

  4. Hi Megan! Guess what? I just got back from a bike ride and I was thinking of you!!(wishing there was a tangible way to thank-you for your gifts to the wedding last fall) Hope your summer is great too. So far we are having a 'Goldilocks summer'; not too hot, not too cold. Always appreciate your visits and words. Know you are thought of often, yes, as a dear friend though we have never met! I'm not going to say we never will because Ohio is not that far away and hubby rolls through there often on 18 wheels.who knows?:)

  5. …and I do feel blessed. Thank you.

  6. Goldilocks summer (love that term) here as well ~ and since I'm not necessarily a fan of scorching hot temps or swimming pools, it's been perfect ;) I would love to meet you someday! You're right, who knows? :) Have a great weekend!


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